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Ski-lift Penkavci vrch - skiing 1000 m a.s.l.
Snow situation: 0 cm > New snow: 0 cm on 26.02.2024
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Service conditions

Supervisors of the Ski-lift
DUDEK Jaroslav (+420 603 317 726)
Local service instructions
  • This ski-lift is determinated only for skier transport. The skiers are such persons, who use ski-equipment fixed to legs (skies, snowboards etc.). Luggage traffic can be allowed, if the skiers' and ski-lift safety is not threatened.
  • The ski-lift is working daily from 9 o'clock am to 4 o'clock pm at normal weather conditions.
  • The ski-lift or parts of ski slope have to be closed by reason of safety in service, if there is some atypical danger, which can't be frozen out. Examples:
    1. total impassability of ski slope because of bad climatic conditions (icy surface, incoherent snow layer, small snow cover)
    2. kalamity conditions (strong wind, hard frost, snow kalamity or fog)
    3. extraordinary adjustment of ski slope after big snowfall
  • If the ski-lift is out of service for technical reasons more than 2 hours, the users of ski-lift will have the claim to get back the relative part of their fare. If the ski-lift is out of service for reason of atypical danger, the fare won't be given back.
  • The skier, who has suffered some injury in the spaces of ski-lift, has to report it immediately to the ski-lift staff.
  • The members of Mountain Rescue Services and the ski-lift staff have priority right to use the ski-lift.
  • It is not allowed to use ski slope after the end of ski-lift working.
  • Each of ski slope users is obliged to know FIS rules. If the ski slope user causes some injury without respect to FIS rules, he will be then responsible for this act.
FIS rules
Enclosed file (PDF, 80.52 kB) Adobe PDF

10 FIS rules for the Conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders

  1. Respect for others
    A skier or snowboarder must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or prejudice others.
  2. Control of speed and skiing or snowboarding
    A skier or snowboarder must move in control. He must adapt his speed and manner of skiing or snowboarding to his personal ability and to the prevailing conditions of terrain, snow and weather as well as to the density of traffic.
  3. Choice of route
    A skier or snowboarder coming from behind must choose his route in such a way that he does not endanger skiers or snowboarders ahead.
  4. Overtaking
    A skier or snowboarder may overtake another skier or snowboarder above or below and to the right or to the left provided that he leaves enough space for the overtaken skier or snowboarder to make any voluntary or involuntary movement.
  5. Entering, starting and moving upwards
    A skier or snowboarder entering a marked run, starting again after stopping or moving upwards on the slopes must look up and down the slopes that he can do so without endangering himself or others.
  6. Stopping on the piste
    Unless absolutely necessary, a skier or snowboarder must avoid stopping on the piste in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. After a fall in such a place, a skier or snowboarder must move clear of the piste as soon as possible.
  7. Climbing and descending on foot
    A skier or snowboarder either climbing or descending on foot must keep to the side of the piste.
  8. Respect for signs and markings
    A skier or snowboarder must respect all signs and markings.
  9. Assistance
    At accidents, every skier or snowboarder is duty bound to assist.
  10. Identification
    Every skier or snowboarder and witness, whether a responsible party or not, must exchange names and addresses following an accident.
Actual informations

+420 603 317 726

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